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Children in Crisis will be working alongside the marginalised Batwa people of Burundi, giving them the support they need so that they are able to provide their children with the shelter, nourishment and education that every child deserves.

Burundi’s people suffered at the hands of a 12-year conflict which ended in 2005, having claimed over 300,000 lives. Like all civil wars, Burundi’s left deep scars and the country still faces severe problems today.  With 70% of the nation suffering from malnutrition, Burundi has acquired the unenviable label of ‘the world’s hungriest nation’ four years in a row.

Within this fragile context, marginalised groups such as the Batwa people suffer the most, their children especially so. Families live hand-to-mouth, in make-shift shelters which provide little protection from the elements. It is estimated that up to half of all Batwa children die before their fifth birthday. Children in Crisis will be working with the Batwa and other vulnerable communities of Gasorwe Commune, in North-East Burundi, to change this.

From listening to the residents of Gasorwe, and by drawing on our experiences working alongside other rural communities in conflict-scarred countries, we believe that the best support we can provide is to equip adults with vocational and literacy skills. With sustainable livelihoods, Batwa parents in particular, who are currently living on the periphery of society, will be able to provide their children with shelter, food and schooling.

Responding to requests for help from concerned local education officials, we are ensuring that whilst Burundian child refugees can’t return home, they can still receive a quality education. Killings, torture and persecution of the free press are on the rise in Burundi as President Pierre Nkurunziza attempts to supress protest against his unconstitutional third term in office. There is fear... Read more
Burundi’s Batwa people want the same as all parents do, the ability to provide for their children, to give them shelter, food and security. They want for their children to be educated and have the chance to create a better future for themselves. Since Children in Crisis was first asked to visit Burundi by our local partner NGO Famille Maintenant  (Family Now), we have worked closely... Read more
Unfortunately, on account of deteriorating security and political uncertainty, Children in Crisis’ much needed work in Burundi with the Batwa population in Gasorwe District has had to be temporarily put on hold. It is a sad fact that 40% of conflicts restart within 10 years of a formal peace treaty. As Children in Crisis witness the unfolding crisis in Burundi, we hope, beyond hope, that... Read more