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14 years of civil war in Liberia has had a devastating impact on children. Virtually nothing of the education system remains as the majority of schools in the country were destroyed and teachers were displaced.

Many children have not had access to education and are now too old to return to primary school. Former child soldiers face being excluded from education as teachers fear they will disrupt lessons. Girls' education has been especially affected. Rape and sexual violence were frequently used as weapons of war and, coupled with a tradition for early marriage, there are now a large number of young mothers who are unable to go to school.

Women’s Vocational Training – Liberia       Education and training for vulnerable women Our vocational training programme changes its graduates’ lives. Most students are amongst the 56% of Liberian women who have never even been given the opportunity to go to primary school. They graduate from this free training with the skills, drive and know-how to... Read more
As one of the only NGOs working in the remote Liberian county of River Cess, Children in Crisis has been best placed to reach out to the region's rural communities. We felt compelled to do this as there had been very little focus from the Liberian government or major NGOs in response to the Ebola outbreak in River Cess. When Ebola struck, the majority of people in rural River Cess were in a... Read more
River Cess County is one of Liberia’s poorest regions. It truly is a remote place, with many communities beyond the reach of road or river. There is one secondary school for the entire county, serving a population of 71,509. For many children in River Cess County, primary school represents their one, vital chance in life to learn to read and write.  However, Children in Crisis has... Read more
Case Study
"At first I was a bit worried that it is a man’s job and also working a lot around men but I have got used to it and I can stand up to men and do just as good job as them." Natalie, a 23 year-old masonry student in our vocational training project in Liberia, interviewed by James Avery, Children in Crisis’ West Africa Programme Manager.   How do you find the... Read more
Children in Crisis, Liberia, Women's education
Case Study
 “We want to say thank you so much to you – you are working so hard to help us, the Liberian women, to make something of ourselves. When you go back tell all your friends that you have come from James Town and the women of James Town are doing big things for themselves.”  -  Vocational Training Graduate, Pastry Making Despite the devastating impact of the Ebola... Read more
Case Study
    Let there be light Children in Crisis and our local partners FAWE have opened a new nine-room primary school for the isolated community of Logan Town, Liberia. In a county of more than 71,000 people that has just 129 primary schools (80% of which are makeshift wattle and daub structures) this 130th school is helping to address a desperate need for durable, secure primary school... Read more