Children in Crisis commissioned independent think tank Samuel Hall to write a report on the Kabul Juvenile Rehabilitation Centre (JRC). The report looks into the attitudes, opinions and aspirations of the boys at the JRC and identifies options for rehabilitation and reintegration on release. You can read the full report in PDF version here: Hope Behind Bars Report.

The report recommends strengthening the provision of academic education in the JRC to improve rehabilitation efforts

The report underlines the prevalence of existing mental and emotional stresses in the lives of children in the Kabul JRC. These are exacerbated by the experience of conflict with the law and the detention itself.  It provides a number of practical recommendations based on the lack of resources, which would help improve the boys lives.

The lack of entertainment and recreational activities leaves many boys feeling bored, trapped and stressed. Boys’ potential reintegration is hampered by their limited contact with their families.

Photos by Maria de la Guardia

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