Karima is a graduate of the tailoring classes that we run out of our education centres in Kabul.

Starting her six-month class by practicing shape cutting on newspaper, before-long Karima moved on to using real fabric and our hand-cranked sewing machines (electricity is scarce or unreliable in the areas that we work in).

Karima when she was still learning her art at our tailoring classes. She’s working on one of the ‘Zenith’ sewing machines. It makes sense to get used to these hand-cranked models as our students are highly unlikely to have electricity at home

A sign of good things

We paid Karima a visit six months after she graduated, so one year after we first met. A quick glimpse of her house told us all that we needed to know. Outside, she’s put up a hand-drawn sign, advertising to local women that they can come to her for their tailoring needs. She’s set up her own business.

Karima with her fellow tailoring classmates. The opportunity that the classes offer women to leave the confines of their home socialise, confide and share with other women shouldn’t be underplayed
A sign of good things. Karima advertises her home-tailoring business to local women. It’s low-key advertising but it’s working, she had already earnt 2,000 Afghanis when we caught up with her

Karima told us that she'd already earned 2,000 Afghanis (about £23.00) through her tailoring. As well as investing back in her business, she’s using the money to buy flour and for stationery so that her siblings can go to school.

We hope and expect that the lives of the children of our tailoring students will improve thanks to their mums’ new skills. To see younger siblings benefit too is wonderful. What an incredible big sister. 

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"Some will accept that world, some will contest it, and some, or the daughters of some, will slowly, gradually, change it."
Empowering women through education, the opportunity to work and the chance to meet and support one another.
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