On the 23 April 2017, Children in Crisis’ 41 heroes joined a record 40,341 runners to experience the world’s best marathon. We’re proud to report that every single one of our runners finished the amazing challenge they had set for themselves.

Canary Wharf (Mile-19) at 8.30am – we got there early to hang up our washing and make our cheer point stand out!
There was a brilliant samba band just up the road from our cheer point. Whoever you are, thank you for being the soundtrack to the Marathon every year

Our runners’ friends and family cheered, whooped and cried with pride as their loved-ones passed us at our Mile-19 cheer point. We loved giving out hugs and high fives to our runners, who looked like they were having the time of their life!

This was Jose's 38th marathon in 4 years! He got all of this sponsors to sign his running vest
We almost didn’t spot Lisa in her hybrid vest, but are so glad that we did, what a great pose for our camera!
Jasmine looking as cool as you like

A warm welcome

It was wonderful to meet so many of our runners and their supporters too at our post-race reception, where runners were treated to some most-well-deserved massages and plates of pasta.

What a great day! 

Mel, beer, laugh. Star!
Pam with her extremely proud grandchildren

£82,224 and counting…

Our runners have done an amazing job with fundraising this year, hosting balls, running pop-up shops, holding pub quizzes and many other imaginative events to raise sponsorship.

Their running total is £82,224 with more coming in each day! A big thank you from everyone here at our London office, this support will give a massive boost to our work, helping us to educate and protect forgotten children. 

2018 has your name on it

253,930 people entered the ballot to run the 2017 London Marathon, and even more will enter for the 2018 race.  So if you’d like to be part of Team Children in Crisis next year, submit an application and skip the ballot for a guaranteed charity place today.