London Marathon 2018 highlights

Last weekend’s London Marathon was officially the hottest on record. With the mercury rising to 24°C in the capital, the 26.2 mile course suddenly got a lot tougher for 40,255 runners. But that didn’t stop our team of 41 runners from hitting the tarmac and running their hearts out for Children in Crisis. Hailing from as far afield as America, Chile, Japan, Australia and even the UK - Team Children in Crisis was an international tour de force.

Children in Crisis staff cheerers
Children in Crisis cheerers brought the sunshine to the London Marathon.


Children in Crisis cheerers holding up signs
And words of encouragement for Team Children in Crisis runners.


Children in Crisis staff also came out in force to cheer on our runners along the route - some of whom we missed due to taking a group photo. We’re sorry Betty Topping! You were just too damn fast for us. Her finishing time was an impressive 03:28:22.

We managed to catch up with Betty at the post-race reception. Afterwards, she told us that it was “by far the most amazing marathon experience! Thank you Team CIC!” 

Team Children in Crisis runner, Betty Topping.
There was no stopping Betty Topping.
Geraldine Burnett with Kurt Gamble
Team Children in Crisis runner, Kurt Gamble with Geraldine from CiC at the post-marathon reception.


Similar to her teammates, Thea Lacey, Interim Director of Programmes at Children in Crisis, signed up because she wanted to challenge herself and raise money for a good cause. Unlike the rest of Team Children in Crisis, Thea had a slightly different/unusual training regime.

Thea Lacey running in Sierra Leone (left) and in the London Marathon (right)
Children in Crisis's Thea Lacey training in Sierra Leone earlier this year (left) and then running in the London Marathon (right).

“Running the London Marathon was tough! But I knew it would be. I didn’t get the chance to train as much as I’d have liked to. However, I did manage to get a bit of training while I was visiting our programmes in Sierra Leone and DR Congo. It was an amazing experience to run along dirt roads for miles without seeing another person. I have to admit that the weather there did prepare me a little for the hot weather,” said Thea Lacey, Interim Director of Programmes.

Another member of Team Children in Crisis, Jeanette Courtman said “I just wanted to say a huge thank you for letting me run for Children in Crisis. It was such a honour to raise money for the charity.” 

Team Children in Crisis runner, Jeanette Courtman.
Jeanette Courtman stays focussed and in her lane at she runs her 23rd mile.


Team Children in Crisis runner, Bridgette Halewood.
Bridgette Halewood is triumphant as she runs past her Children in Crisis cheerers.
Team Children in Crisis runner, Tim Whyman.
Is it a thumbs up? Is it a wave? Only Tim Whyman really knows.  

For our runners, Children in Crisis provided personalised support to help with everything from training plans to help with fundraising - and of course motivation! 

Taking part in a marathon or challenge event shows an incredible level of support and dedication, which begins long before the day of the race. We’re incredibly grateful to our supporters who took time out to train, run and raise money for Children in Crisis. It’s their hard work, on and off the course, that will allow us to protect and educate more children.

Chilled chocolate oat milk from Oatly was a hit for tired runners.
Bounce protein balls for a much needed protein hit, essential for recovery.

Thank you also to sponsors on the day Oatly and Bounce, who generously provided our runners with chocolate oat milk and protein balls for an after-race energy top up!

The team is on target to reach their goal of £90,000 - enough money to build a school in DR Congo and to set up and run 30 Village Savings and Loans Associations for a year.

As for whether Team Children in Crisis can raise the bar again next year, that is entirely up to you! Please sign up, if you fancy supporting us at the London Marathon 2019 or at another challenge event - there’s plenty to choose from.