In memory of Reverend Samson

Some very sad news has come to us – Reverend Samson, Co-Founder and Executive Secretary of Eben Ezer Ministry International (EMI), passed away over the weekend, aged 51. EMI are our long-standing partner organisation in DR Congo.

Born in the mountainous Plateau region of South Kivu, eastern DR Congo, Reverend Samson first worked on education programmes for an NGO in Rwanda, but his thoughts and prayers were always with his country. EMI was founded in 1997, and from the outset Samson’s mission was to ensure that children in his remote home region were not forgotten.

His legacy is one to be admired and celebrated. Through EMI & Children in Crisis’ school building and teacher training programmes, Reverend Samson has championed education for all and helped to heal rifts between communities which had been fractured by conflict.

Reverend Samson worked tirelessly to ensure that children from his mountainous home region were not denied their chance to learn
Reverend Samson after a long day's hiking up to the remote Plateau
Reverend Samson (centre, with cap on) and the EMI team

Reverend Samson was a man who quietly and modestly garnered huge respect and influence. And not just in DR Congo, he has left friends across the globe, including the UK, USA and Israel. His absence is going to be a huge loss to us all.

Reverend Samson leaves behind a wife, three daughters, two sons and one granddaughter. Our thoughts are with them and our friends at EMI.

We hope that a memorial service will be taking place in Manchester on Saturday 16th September, but cannot yet confirm this date. Please contact us on [email protected] / 020 7627 1040 if you would like to discuss attending. 

Many friends of EMI in the UK have expressed a desire to lend their support to Reverend Samson's family at this difficult time. If you would like to discuss this, please call us on 020 7267 1040 and ask for Joe or Andreea.

Our work with EMI

Parents in remote villages are building schools for their children. We’re helping them.
For a child on the Congolese Plateau to be in school is precious, and far too rare. Our teacher training makes sure that they’ll get the very maximum out of their time there.
VSLAs give families financial stability – meaning that they can afford for children to stop working and go to school.