29th January 2018

This is a photo of me and Justin, who is one of the guards from the office of our Congolese partner organisation EMI in Uvira. Justin is my running buddy when I’m visiting Congo. We start our runs at 6am before it gets too hot. Justin is a lot fitter than me, but he kindly slows down to my pace. 30 minutes is usually about all I can manage before I get too hot and sweaty.

Justin and Thea
For safety reasons, it's best that Thea trains with a buddy.

On the fundraising side, I have been exploring the limits of the cake-eating capacity of my colleagues here at CIC. Last week I baked a load of flapjacks, macaroons and mini lemon sponge cakes and was pleased to find they disappeared in one day. I made a profit of £20 which our Chief Executive very kindly matched with a donation. Next week I’m going to up the ante with some brownies and may be some rock cakes.

Cake sale
The staff verdict was that the flapjacks were delicious and the macaroons had perfect chewy centres!
Help Thea reach her fundraising targets

Thea has a big fundraising challenge ahead of her, if you would like to help her reach her target you can donate to her JustGiving page here. 

Blog post
Join Thea as she takes her first steps towards marathon success.